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In the vibrant city of Hyderabad, where tradition meets modernity, homeowners are increasingly turning to UPVC sliding windows to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of their residences. Upvc sliding windows , or un plasticized polyvinyl chloride, is a durable and low-maintenance material that has gained popularity in the construction industry for its numerous advantages. Sliding windows, a popular choice for modern homes, are particularly well-suited for the dynamic lifestyle of Hyderabad’s residents.

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uPVC Sliding Windows

uPVC windows have the power to withstand many adverse weather conditions. For environmental protection, the use of uPVC windows is very good for fast home construction. Plastic can be used only in interior whereas uPVC can be used externally uPVC is a type of advanced plastic.

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Sliding windows consist of two or more horizontal shutters fitted with smooth rollers at the base for smooth sideways track movement.


uPVC sliding windows are available customise sizes.

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  1. Siddartha

    Upvc sliding windows only enhance the beauty of the house.

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